Library & Archives

Miles Keiffer was a student of history, and because of this and the pride that he held
in his Ensminger Family heritage, Elizabeth Keiffer dedicated the library to the
memory of Miles’ ancestors.

The family photo below is a framed early tin photograph of Miles Keiffer’s
grandmother, her four sisters and Miles’ great grandmother, all of the Ensminger
Family.  As you will read in the plaque below, the Ensminger Family has provided the  
community of Manheim with a wonderful legacy.
Members of the Foundation enjoy the opportunity to perform
research using library resources, including a computer and
Internet access.  Those having books, documents or other related
resources of historical interest that desire such items to be
preserved and made available for continuing research by the
public should consider donating their items to the Foundation.

The contents of the Library and Archives include, but are not
limited to the following:

Books on Stiegel glass and early Americana
Colonial numismatic items
Genealogies and Lancaster County histories
Nine volume set of "The Papers of Robert Morris"
Items We Are Seeking:
Documents, early letters, postcards and miscellaneous ephemera related to early Manheim.

Lancaster County histories, genealogies of Lancaster County families.

Early Americana reference books.

Letters and documents connected to the Robert Morris Family and the Richard Bache Family during the time they
occupied homes in Manheim.

18th century letters and documents related to Henry William Stiegel.

Any 18th and early 19th century newspaper or other material mentioning Manheim, PA.

Material related to General Samuel P. Heintzelman.

Documents concerning colonial Pennsylvania lotteries and the counterfeiting of currency in the American colonies.  
Also, Pennsylvania colonial and Continental paper money and documents related to the printing of the issues.