Publications Available:

Samuel P. Heintzelman and the Sonora Exploring &
Mining Company by Diane M. T. North - SC   $25.00

Daniel Danner, Woodturner: An Early 19th Century Rural
Craftsman in Central Pennsylvania                 $20.00



1962 Manheim Bicentennial souvenir glass items
made in the manner traditional to Stiegel glass and
include creamers, vases and whimsical items  
$10.00 & up.

The above pricing
does not include postage,
insurance or sales tax where applicable.
The glass sales stand pictured above was
used at the 1962 Manheim Bi-Centennial
Celebration. Pictured: (left to right), William
Laing, Miles Keiffer and Elizabeth Keiffer.
The cap seen here is now available from
our organization.  The price is $10.00, our
cost, and comes in  stonewashed colors of
Olive, Forest Green (pictured), Midnight
Blue and Burgundy.  If you would like to
purchase one, please call the museum at
Logo of organization as it
appears on a postcard is
available for $2.00 plus
55¢ postage if mailed in an
We have a few copies available that
range in price from $75.00 to $125.00,
based on condition.