Elizabeth's Garden & the Carriage House
Located to the rear of the Museum are Elizabeth's Garden and the Carriage House
meeting room.  The areas are used most times for Foundation programs and for
community events but they are also available for special events.  Elizabeth's Garden
and the Carriage House are convenient and beautiful settings for your special event.  
The garden is designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and includes a variety
of 18th century plantings and a lovely collection of roses, a favorite of the
Foundation's founder, Elizabeth Keiffer.  A
bronze plaque with a poem written by
Mabel Reist Koch dedicating the rose to Henry William Stiegel can be seen in the
We welcome volunteers who
are willing to help with the
maintenance and development
of Elizabeth's Garden!

If you are interested in renting
the garden for your special
wedding or event, please call
the Foundation at 665-5560
and provide your name, phone
number, desired date and use.
We thank the patrons below for their generous
support and help with Elizabeth's Garden!
Pictured above is the school bell from
Manhiem's first public school.  
Garden Maintenance
In 2001, when HMPF was established, it became a goal of the organization to develop
an attractive garden area in which to occasionally hold outdoor activities.  It was also
decided that a building at the rear of the property could be developed into a meeting
room, a small exhibit room, and a workshop for general maintenance of the property.
All of this development was accomplished to a high degree.  A major problem at HMPF
has become the maintenance of the garden (Elizabeth’s Garden), named for Elizabeth
Keiffer, the woman who established and funded the organization.  If you click on the
highlighted word, you will see what we have been faced with

A story that needs to be told: